Tuesday 13 October 2009

80's Fantasy Film Swap - received!

Doesn't that look delicious and exciting! This is my parcel from Amiee, aka Fraggie Rocks who I've had the pleasure of getting to know over the last few weeks. I'm a touch embarrased as my parcel to send to her is not ready yet; I can only plead all that work in the last two posts and crack on tonight.

Want to see what was inside? Of course you do. I nearly forgot to take the above photo, I was so excited!

The whole bundle from Fraggie Rocks

The whole parcel. Matching brooch and fascinator inspired by Labyrinth - aren't they gorgeous, I never would have thought to use the beech nut shells like that! A print from The Dark Crystal - I've always loved the gentle but firm Mystics. A Brian Froud card of O! That Gnome - he always makes me smile when he comes up in a reading (I have Froud's Faeries Oracle). A sketch pad and bundle of pencils - I WILL learn to draw this year, I promised myself! and some great little sword charms, for lo, I am a sword nut.

Labyrinth inspired fascinator from FraggieRocks

Fascinator close-up

Labyrinth inspired brooch from FraggieRocks

Brooch close-up

Thank you so much, Amiee - it has been an absolute pleasure to receive this. I only hope you like mine half as much!

PS apologies for the photos - I can't seem to get Blogger, The Gimp or Flickr to behave properly this morning. Better composed shots are at Flickr.


x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

oohh lovely swap goodies - my parcel isn't finished either yet.

Unknown said...

Yay it arrived in one piece! I'm just about set up in the new home but had to rush over to see whether it had arrived and you were happy. Im chuffed to pieces that you like. I really tried to cover all angles just in case. It was a blast :)

Caroline said...

Thank you again :) We settled down this pm with the popcorn and your lovely toffee recipe to watch Shrek 2 - not very 80s, I know, but dd is not quite ready for Dark Crystal yet!