Friday 15 May 2009

Mr Sun, completed

So I finally got over my surface embroidery block and completed a Mr Sun. This is the first one I have available for sale; the prototype I made before is now in my props bag, thrilling Sing & Sign babies on a weekly basis. I took him in on Wednesday for our Weather topic and the kids thought he was gorgeous - he even outshone the usual favourite pair of wellies!

I'm mad busy at the moment but I'm at one of those points where I can't show things off again - I've completed a lovely gift for a friend's new baby but of course I can't show you that until she's seen it! I've had two very speedy deliveries from Laughing Hens, one of which (turquoise Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK, my favourite yarn) is being worked up into yet another ballet cardigan for a very close deadline - it needs to be back in Durham before 25th May! And more yarn in a leafy green colour of Rowan Soft for a delicious baby cardigan which will eventually travel to New Zealand. Also in the pipeline are a band of fuzzy little rabbits in teal Sirdar Blur; gifts from my daughter to two of her friends who are expecting baby sisters, and tonight I'm going to try and make my cupcake pattern giant-sized. I can't rate Ravelry highly enough at times like these!

I am starting to pine a bit to make something for myself again, though, so maybe once this lot's out of the way I'll break out the cotton yarn for something...not sure what, yet.