Wednesday 25 March 2009

An Army of Amigurumi

I've been quite busy.

Another Tiny Yarn Animals penguin chick, this time for my brother-in-law's birthday.

A Creepy Cute Turbo Ninja - for a friend of a friend whose nickname is Turbo. Apparently red metallic thread doesn't like being photographed, though.

Jack the Jester, for the same friend as above - this is based on his Dungeons & Dragons character from many years ago, a thief with an inexhaustible bag of fruit ammunition. The quartering of colours is all integral and was a bit of a nightmare to do, but I'm quite proud of it. The fruit is all hand-modelled Fimo and left loose so it can be rearranged to the owner's content. Based on Creepy Cute standard patterns.

Skeleton Bride & Groom, for another friend of a friend - seems my little guys are becoming popular gifts! Technically this is still a WIP as I'm waiting to hear about flower colours - I intend to put a buttonhole on the groom and beads/flowers on the bride to make it more personal. These are direct from Creepy Cute .

I haven't posted for ages as I really am working my bum off with the crochet - on the hooks at the moment are another ballet cardigan in deep rose (the 3-6mo size, which is SO much quicker than K's was!) and a stash-busting Ruffle Cravat from One Skein (not a book I'd recommend for crocheters - 30 projects and only 7 of them crochet! I'm not sure I can be bothered to learn to knit at the moment so it's a bit of a waste). There's also a commission cake order in which I really need to get finished before we head off to Germany for Easter. Ravelry is an absolute godsend for keeping me organised!

Speaking of Easter, in my idle moments (HA!) I've been prototyping some fuzzy eggs recently. I found this mad yarn in Hobbycraft last time I was in and didn't really know what to do with it until K asked if she'd be able to play Easter Egg Hunt whilst we were away. I don't really want to take hollow chocolate eggs in our cases so I came up with these little things. She's having an absolute whale of a time hiding them all over the house. I've promised her a round half-dozen to take with us, but I'm wondering if they'd go down well in the shop, too...

They're about the size of a Creme Egg and I could do them in all sorts of colours, not just this mad stripy yarn.


Anonymous said...

I just love them! The nija and bride and bridegroom are particularly awesome.

Craft Matters said...

Great work Caroline! I was thinking of doing eggs for my shop (but wont get round to it now!) - I was thinking of putting little faces on them..