Saturday 3 January 2009

The Last Amigurumi

Of 2008, anyway. Made over Xmas and finally completed and handed to his new owner on 31st December with just about seven hours of the year to go, I give you the Evil Necromancer, dark half of The Paladin. His cloak is black velvet embroidered with runes (what a faff that was, I really hate metallic thread) and his staff is Fimo with a glass marble.

Right, I feel it's time for a review of the year...

Despite vowing to complete the large pile of UFOs listed here, I haven't done any of them! My whole year was taken over by crochet and machine sewing; I've barely done any cross stitch at all. I do plan to rectify that because I need to a) clear some space in the house (don't I always!) and b) vary the work I'm doing much more so that I don't inflict yet more horrible RSI on myself.

In 2008 I have:
  • Worked through almost all of The Artist's Way
  • Learnt to crochet
  • Actually used a sketchbook for ideas
  • Crocheted eight hats
  • Crocheted three pairs of bootees
  • Crocheted seven bags
  • Crocheted one bolero cardigan (must photograph that!)
  • Crocheted one adult size scarf
  • Crocheted two toy scarves, a hat and a sleeping bag
  • Felted two pairs of mittens
  • Made monster paws and feet
  • Made a fluffy rabbit tail
  • Sewn a toddler dress out of a shirt for K
  • Reconned a blouse, a dress and a skirt for myself
  • Reconned an old shoe bag into a props bag for class
  • Embroidered a Linea silk scarf, a bag and a cushion cover
  • Made a jewellery board
  • Sewn a doorstop for K's room
  • Appliqued a "BANG!" pillow
  • Crocheted 19 amigurumi
  • Appliqued a t-shirt
  • Blanket-stitch hemmed a "cuddling blanket"
  • Sewn a magician's cloak & skirt for K's dressing up collection
  • Learned enough about Chinese painting to make my shop logo
  • Opened my Etsy shop
  • Sewn 22 Art Rolls
  • Sewn 26 Out & About books
  • Had my own fabric printed by Spoonflower
  • Crocheted 177 cakes.
Oh, and I taught about sixty children to sign, too!

However, I still have the following in various phases of completion:
  • Sirdar YoYo crochet blanket cardigan for myself
  • Ballet-style crochet cardigan for K
  • 24 cakes which have already been ordered, plus restocking the shop
  • Star afghan
  • All of the cross-stitch I hadn't finished last year

And new projects I'm looking forward to:
  • Obi Dunkinobe (an Obi-Wan style ami for D, who already owns two amis!)
  • A secret amigurumi for a new friend's birthday
  • Another secret ami for an old friend's birthday
  • Skeleton Bride & Groom amis commission
  • Highwayman ami - finally, one for me!
  • Making up my own ami basic patterns so I can sell my own designs at last
  • Trying out some ideas for pincushions (cos I really need one but also for the shop)
  • The Out & About Beauty Essentials Book
  • Giant crochet cakes (again, I want these for my classes but have potential orders already)
  • New apron for K - she has picked out her fabric already

I think I'd better put any other ambitions on hold for a bit! Will tell you all about my amazingly cool Secret Santa another time.


Anonymous said...

This is absolutely wonderful!

Caroline said...

Why, thank you! I love making these little guys for my friends. They all think I'm crackers, I'm sure, but they're immensely satisfying. Pop back towards the end of the month, I should have at least a couple more to show by then :)

Craft Matters said...

Wow - the list is scary! Well done on such a fantastically productive year. :) :) And hope all your plans come together for 2009.