Sunday 19 October 2008

Two Weeks From Now...

...I hope to be reeling from a massive number of orders! Well, I can dream, can't I? I am officially opening the shop on 1st November - and actually, I will have quite a few packages to send out because I've taken a lot of pre-orders for the crochet cakes (which are still coming in, good about busy). Hence the lack of updates because I've been drowning in yarn. My sewing machine is beginning to lurk menacingly, demanding it's own hour or six of glory.

I've spent a lot of this evening adding things like the banner and the shop announcement to my Etsy shop and creating a page on Facebook. So all is gearing up nicely, really, just need to sort out my Etsy Goon Squad membership properly and I think that's pretty much all of the Internet stuff done.

It does, of course, mean that I've done practically none of my own crafting for weeks on end...I'm pining to do some more of my YoYo blanket cardigan (cos it's awful nippy up here now!), finish K's Starghan, and I have a couple of amigurumi to do before Xmas (Katie, I have NOT forgotten you, promise - you WILL have it well before Xmas!). And a birthday present for another very special little K, if I can wrap my aching fingers round it. But thanks to what is delightfully referred to as "whoring out one's opinion" to market research for Amazon vouchers, I have a couple of new and somewhat random crafting books on the way. Happy times.

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