Sunday 6 April 2008


Yippee!! Ok, I really don't go on eBay very much these days because I have tons of stash anyway, and it's probably a really stupid-ass time to start making a woolly hat (mind, if you've had snow like we've had today, it's not that stupid), but I've just managed to get a great big lot of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Superchunky for a fantastic price. And it's all lilac, which I love, plus a couple of balls of a pinkish colour. Brilliant, because the cloche hat I want to crochet has flowers on it. So stick that, Arctic winds - I WILL have warm ears next time we visit the NE!

Happy, happy, happy dance! I really have far too much wool in this lot for just one hat, though, so either everyone will be getting lilac hats for xmas, or I'll have to find another pattern which uses this wool. Given that I have half a dozen crochet books out from the library right now, I'm hoping that won't be too hard...

Right. I have an embroidery project to complete tonight, pic later. And perhaps I'll have the courage to get the sewing machine out, too. I will leave you with this link to Kitty-Craft, which I was introduced to today, who have the most INSANE Japanese fabrics which I am just drooling over.

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