Sunday 16 March 2008

Nervous Anticipation

Well, I am eagerly awaiting an order from the delightful as we speak - rather gobsmacked at the email I received apologising for not having seen my order at the fairly insane time of 10pm Friday night and only posting it on Monday...damn, girl, it's the weekend, lol. That is customer service (and someone, I suspect, who truly understands the NEED to HAVE STUFF to MAKE STUFF NOW)! Still, can't wait to get it, I'll be snatching the postman's hand off when it does arrive. I've got magnetic clasps, O rings and all sorts of other metallic bits and pieces, and a couple of Amy Butler bag patterns to use as ideas and fodder for my own designs. I tend to be pretty rubbish at following patterns and templates, and besides, given that I'm reconning - turning coats into bags - having exact amounts of fabric to a pattern is never going to happen. So yes, nervously anticipating the arrival of those because it means I'll actually have to do some cutting out, rather than just thinking about it...and that's the bit I find really scary. Once it's cut, there's no going back.

On a bit of a tangent I was looking at earlier, and good lord...designer bags are really bloody ugly to my eye. Impractical, for the main, all horrible hard shiny leather or fake leather in garish colours with a ton of ott metal...yuck. Nope, it just doesn't do it for me - give me velvets and tweeds and soft, felty-woolly fabrics, or cheery cotton prints any day.

I'm also awaiting my registration for Craftster after finding an insane number of tutorials I want to have a go at...besides, it's good manners to go and say thank you for the shirt->dress conversion, too! I do think this may become a dangerous time-sink, though...

Craft has been going on elsewhere, too - I bought A a subscription to MAKE as an exceedingly late birthday present, and many and varied bits of electronics have appeared in the house. He was also very tickled by the Swahili frame bed, which he is currently reproducing out of timber and strapping for the cats. And whilst he's doing that, he's knocking up a little 11x11" frame for me to FINALLY have a go at silk painting with. Scary. Biscuits.

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