Monday 31 March 2008

Circular References

I don't really dip my toes into the "blogging world" much - who has time to read? But there are a few crafty blogs I try and keep up with - notably the lovely Ali at Craft Matters, who is as eclectic/random as me, and the very interesting u-handblog, which has brilliant tutorials (thank you!).

You may have noticed a small lick of paint around here too - I am not very good with the whole Blogger front end business, but we have a new title and little pic (which is actually nicked from my Tarot site), and a wee counter from Crafty Blogs. Not entirely sure what I've got into there, but it's led me to a few more interesting blogs such as Crafty Storage, Little Cotton Rabbits and the sweet Flossie Teacakes. I doubt I'll ever keep up but it's nice to see what others are up to.

Not been doing a great deal lately - still on holiday-hangover from being away over the Easter weekend, I think, and a cracking 72hr headache isn't helping. I picked up an old Linea project, a silk scarf with backstitch embroidery, and have got it much closer to completion - there's only a couple of flowers to stitch and then a load of beading and it's done. I have botched it horribly, though - when I first started I didn't realise that the ready-made scarf was actually two layers, and you were supposed to only embroider one layer so that the back of the stitching was hidden between. I charged in and went straight through. I'm in two minds as to what to do with it, now...keep it as a scarf and try to find some matching silk to hide the back? That could be a very long job, I don't often get chance to go fabric shopping. On the other hand, there is probably enough fabric to turn it into two embroidered bags, or a bag and pillow case, I'd just need to find some cord to complete it. And I'm not sure about how they'd stand up to wear and tear. Perhaps a jewellery roll? I really need one at the moment. What do you think?

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