Monday 11 February 2008

Right, it's about time I got organised

Because my head is just spiralling out of control with projects...I'm not so much unblocked as flooded! The trouble is, I have so many ideas and things I want to try out that I can't get anything finished as something new comes along almost straight away.

Today I've bought a lovely hard-backed A4 sketchbook, which is going to hopefully be a place I can put sketches and snippets of designs for fabrics, crochet, jewellery, painting and so on. I must also dig out my small sketch book to attempt to carry around with me (yeah...along with the sling, nappies, drink, snacks, entertainment etc for K, brolly, purse,'s a good job I carry K a lot cos she balances out the weight of the bag! Maybe I need to make a bigger bag).

As for the rest, I think I need a checklist of projects otherwise I'm going to forget something.

Things to be finished soon/quick wins:
  • Drawstring bag for A's didgeridoo (it's getting awfully scratched in the cupboard)
  • Xmas Westie (still not finished, argh!)
  • Xmas Stockings (six left then make up)
  • Crochet Scarf for K (halfway through, hope new wool is not a bad colour match)
  • Monster feet and paws for K (got some fab green fur today!)
  • >del>Papier mache bowls etc (made, some painted)
Works in progress/UFOs
  • Geisha Girl
  • Baby Afghan
  • Bunnies' Bathtime
  • Blessed Samhain
  • Chinese Dragon
  • Weather Station (had actually finished this for xmas but K promptly pulled the velcro off)
New Projects In Planning
  • Crochet hat for K (got wool, pattern, hook)
  • Crochet bag
  • Silk painting
  • Felted mittens
  • Crochet and knitted flowers
I also potentially have a design piece coming up for a birth sampler...not sure yet. Now add to that regular flute practice when I'm not scurrying around between lessons on a Saturday, trying to write some short stories before my head explodes, a WIPs box I daren't even look into, a strong desire to get an Etsy shop off the ground this year, a two year old and my own business, and you see why I'm a bit messed up at the moment! terms of Art, have you seen the stuff coming off the catwalk from Gaultier's latest show? Annoyingly I can't find the pic now but it was in The Guardian last week (and frustratingly not on Gaultier's own website). I am totally not into fashion (as anyone who's met me in my mummy uniform of jeans and top will attest), but the fabrics are absolutely amazing, all graduated florals, like wearing a painting. That's the kind of thing I want to do with my silk-painting.

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Ali B said...

I saw the Gaultier stuff Caroline & I agree, it was totally gorgeous. Good luck with the silk painting!