Tuesday 12 February 2008

Monster Paws, RAAARRH!

And here they are, modelled my my own little monster:

A quick and easy 2hr max project, this - draw round your little one's hand. Now add about 2-3ins all round and that's your template. Cut four. Cut some big black felt triangles for claws (about 2.5-3ins across the base, I used three for each paw). Pin in the order fur face up - claws pointing in and down - fur face down. Tack. Get your child to try them on to make sure there's enough room to get their hand in. Put a pin in so you know how open to leave the edges. Now sew properly with a neat small running stitch (or machine it if you have the right needle). Turn out. Tease out any trapped fur from the seams. You should have two green mittens with claws pointing outwards. Voila, monster paws. RAAARRH!

Next, monster feet...a much more difficult proposition involving unseemly amounts of hot glue.

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