Monday 3 September 2007

Working, please wait

It's not been a very inspiring month, craftwise - don't feel like I've got much done, although I have made significant steps on both Blessed Samhain and Bunnies' Bath Time, both of which have been UFOs for so long they're practically in orbit. As usual, I've got cheesed off with the one I'm supposed to be stitching to a deadline (BS) and am enjoying something else (BBT) instead. However, I do have a new project for xmas that I need to start threading up shortly - can't say much about that as it's a gift, but that should cheer me up a bit!

Have decided not to make lai si despite having bought red fabric - I don't think it's the right weave to put Chinese characters on and there's not long to go now. Maybe I can make one from red paper, there are some fancy envelopes in my Origami book.

Have borrowed a book on silk painting from the library but am a bit fazed by how to stretch the silk over the frame, and the kit I bought only has a small amount of silk with it - really not enough to practice different effects on. I need to hunt down some fabric on eBay or maybe pay a visit to Fred's in Manchester, istr they have the paints so they should have fabric too.

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