Monday 3 September 2007

Whilst I'm thinking about arty stuff

I must just write this down before it goes out of my head. I really want to revamp our bedroom a bit - it's SO boring and always has been; we barely finished decorating it before I fell pregnant. I'm planning on getting at least one new duvet set around xmas, navy blue to match the curtains, but I think I could quite cheaply paint some of these big canvas prints that are all over the show at the moment. Actually my ILs have just done up their bedrooms and they look absolutely brill with a focal print, and we do have a beautiful one downstairs here which was a wedding gift - it's so much easier to match up all your colours when you have something central. I think our room needs a pair, though. So I need some mounted canvas and some acrylic or oil paint - guess I will have to go for a small size to start with and see how it comes out. I'm sure A said the other day that he'd been watching Art Attack with K and apparently you can convert poster paints to acrylics by mixing them with PVA glue...

Fred does have silk pieces, quite reasonably too. That's a happy thing!

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