Tuesday 18 September 2007


Cute little fella, huh? So easy to put together, what an excellent kit. I think it took me about four evenings, although not full 2-3hr stretches. Probably less than six hours start to finish, which is not bad at all.

K thinks it's marvellous and is happily shouting "skeek, skeek!", although right now she's only seen the picture, not the real thing - I've decided it's sturdy enough to go in my S&S box for later this term so perhaps I will make another one for her birthday.

In the meantime, the black pashmina is half-done and should be ready to go with my outfit for a wedding in a few weeks. After much playing around with beads and sequins I've gone for a very understated look and have stitched square sequins (point down to be diamonds) all along the fringed edge. 57 sequins along just one side; tonight I'll be turning it over to do the opposite edge. I'm not happy with the back of it, though, the stitching is exposed and ideally I need to find some black interfacing to hide and protect it. Photo when finished, of course.

Then I guess I'd better get back to Blessed Samhain, not long to go on that one! I am absolutely kicking myself, though, as I seem to have lost the pattern for the xmas gift I mentioned a few posts ago. Can't find it anywhere, and I've been through my files and boxes three times. *sigh* I think another massive sort-out is on the cards.

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