Friday 1 June 2007

Nice Parcel: Project Complete

Here's the vest top I've made for K - the buttons arrived yesterday (can def. recommend Debbie Cripps for fast delivery!) so I figured I'd get it done last night. All in all it probably took about 1hr 30, though I still need to put the interfacing on the back - can't be doing with that until Ironing Night on Tue, though. Have cropped it viciously so you can see the detail, don't think there's any point in showing the whole top. It's about 2x2 ins overall.

Some origami pics, as well...

Kirsten's fake Jessie Cat with a crown and a cup:

A masu box:

My duo paper also arrived yesterday so perhaps I'll be able to make a bit more sense of some of these folds!

Geisha is coming on really well, I am coming to the bottom of the kimono now and will be stitching the ground soon. Pic when I finish this quarter (possibly two weeks off) because I can't be bothered to unroll it all the way from the scroll frame!

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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing the Geisha photo. I like that you have an ironing night!