Wednesday 23 May 2007


In more ways than one. The RSI is really getting to be a problem at the moment - I appear to have tendonitis in my right hand (specifically, the middle finger, which is really odd). Everything aches, which is no doubt a combination of typing, sewing and signing, and probably my wee girl going to sleep on my arm too. Still, the CTS doesn't appear to have returned as agressively as it has been in the past and the tennis elbow hasn't come back at all (as yet). I am making do with topical ibuprofen and hot baths at the moment - don't really want to take big doses of an antinflammatory if I can avoid it with rest.

Well....ok. My hands haven't stopped completely, I just can't do it. My dear heart presented me with the origami book requested a few posts ago (even though it's not my birthday until Sunday), and I have been a busy little bee learning about folds and bases. My favourite thing to make so far are masu boxes - will post a pic tomorrow. I have also successfully made a cup, a crown, a scottie dog and a lovely flower, but failed utterly at a crane, a rabbit and a shirt. It's really interesting and such a neat feeling when a bunch of folds suddenly turns into something recognisable.

Geisha has stopped completely at the moment, but since I have received some money for my birthday (thank you!), I've been considering kitting up Queen of Hearts this evening. It's very, very expensive - the chart and fabric alone will cost £20, and the 117 skeins of thread anywhere between £36 and £60 depending on where you buy them. As a kit, it's £50+. I don't think I want to spend all of my money on it, beautiful as it is, when I still have so much in stash. So ouch, but I can dream, I suppose. I managed to sell off some of my magazines and have been butchering the rest; I need to buy some more folders to sort them all out into "must stitch" projects, "useful for certain occasions" projects and "motifs for reference/small projects". Perhaps I should put the money I would usually spend weekly on a magazine into a pot to put towards the threads...

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