Tuesday 26 December 2006

New journal for an almost new year

I have this inability to sit and watch TV without something in my hands. I'm not sure why, or when it started, but craft work of some kind tends to take up almost every evening - once the baby's in bed, anyway. I figured I ought to keep some kind of journal of what I'm up to, since every so often people ask, and it's easier to upload pics to one place rather than messing about with all the various Yahoo Groups and forums I belong to. Plus, I do a fair bit of commission work so it'll be nice to have everything central.

At the moment my big obsession is cross stitch - this is something I've been doing for over ten years now and has got me through some really rough patches, as well as some extremely boring car journeys. Having now finished my Xmas stitching (decorations for the tree), I'm currently working on a Dolly Mamas design for my friend's birthday next month. To be honest I'm sort of regretting my choice - it's a good design and it was a good thought at the time for someone who's hoping to do the scary and move abroad to start a new career next year. It says "Put On Your Big Girl Panties And Deal With It!", which is a very "me" kind of thing to say and I thought might give her a laugh whenever she felt wibbly about the move. But I know she's not in the best frame of mind at the moment and I guess I'm going to have to decide nearer to her birthday whether to go with this or whizz through something a little more gentle.

Anyway, the kitchen timer has just gone off and my little girl is bouncing up and down shouting "tea, tea!" so I'd better finish here.

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