Monday 11 October 2010

Tumbleweeds and Talent

Oh deary me. It has (and I suspect, will continue to be for a while) been a long bleak patch in my crafting life...once the dust settled from Mum's birthday, we entered a phase of rather unsettled children. K is doing amazingly at school - she is an early reader so she's joining Y2 for reading and spellings. There are definitely some communication issues here, though, and together with a baby D who has been full of a cold and starting to teethe (already, I know...we don't do things by halves in this family!), I've been feeling rather brain dead.

On the upside I finally saved up enough to buy myself a Kindle 3G (e-book reader) which is honestly super-awesome - I've been in nerd nirvana for the last couple of weeks. It's so much easier to handle than a book when D is poorly and wants to do nothing but feed and sleep in my lap. I have read many many books over the last few weeks! It will never replace "proper" books - nothing ever could! - but I think it may be a death-knell for mass market paperbacks, which can only be a good thing in terms of paper use and the depths of clutter in my house, at least.

Anyway, whilst I'm not producing much of my own work at the moment I want to introduce you to the lovely Lucy Inglis of Lucy did some wonderful pictures of the girls for Mum's birthday at very short notice and I was thrilled with them. Aren't they beautiful! I don't have the best scanner in the world so the depth of colour isn't as clear as I'd like, but I hope you can see how fantastically Lucy's captured my lovely girls.


Unknown said...

They are indeed wonderful pictures and we hope to get the originals framed this week.

See you soon - Dad

Anonymous said...

that's very cute drawings indeed :)