Sunday 4 July 2010

I've been a bit busy making something...

...well, someone, anyway!

This is Danika, my youngest daughter, at four days old. Isn't she a peach? She took her own sweet time coming but was a wonderful home waterbirth. It's been honestly hell being pregnant in the summer time (K was born in November so a very different experience). I've not had the energy to do anything at all, really - a bit of listless crochet here and there and I made a start on her birth sampler, but absolutely everything has seemed exhausting.

I don't really have any crafting plans at the moment but I do have some new books to enjoy - A bought me two drawing books for my birthday in May (How to Draw and Paint Dragons and Draw Faeries), and in desparation at going over dates I treated myself to three new crochet books.

These are:

Cute Crochet for Tiny Tots, which I've had from the library before - I've actually bought it to make a poncho for K but will have to upsize the pattern to size 5-6 myself, eek!

Crochet for Bears to Wear - Jessie Cat (our Sing & Sign mascot) will be getting a whole new wardrobe next year!

150 Crochet Trims: Designs for Beautiful Decorative Edgings, from Lacy Borders to Bobbles, Braids, and Fringes. Whilst pregnant I bought a nice green maxi dress and promptly got grease all down the lap, which will not come out of the microfibre fabric, so I plan to hack it to tunic length and hem it with a pretty crochet fringe (mostly to cover the inevitable sewing machine cock ups, I'm hopeless with clothes!). I love this book and I want to put edgings on absolutely everything I and the girls own now! My one concern is finding somewhere I can buy perle cotton by the ball rather than the skein or it's going to be an expensive obsession (since when are my crafting whims ever cheap?).

Anyway, it's taken three days to type this post one-handed with a sleeping or nursing D on my arm, so I'll love you and leave you here before she wakes up again!


Boneist said...

Have you tried clarifying shampoo on the grease stain? Has helped me in the past.

Boneist said...
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Boneist said...

And, as mentioned elsewhere, congratulations on the new arrival!

Jane said...

Oh, what a beauty. Congratulations on her safe arrival

x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

awww what a gorgeous baby - congratulations and enjoy her xxx

Unknown said...

What a beautiful and perfect little creation. You did some good making there. Congratulations