Thursday 22 April 2010

Cat Swap Sent

A plethora of parcels

Photographed in a bit of a hurry as we rushed off to the post office today, but here is our cat swap ready to go! It was so hard to arrange everything into the tinest bit of sunlight we had and you can barely see the big, flat parcels underneath everything else - of course it's beautiful now, typical. Anyway, the red parcels are for Kirsty and the green for Devin. We hope they'll like them - we had lots of fun putting it all together! Pics of the contents to come once I know it's been received safe and sound.

What to do now? I'm struggling to do any cross stitch at the moment as I can't get the frame close enough due to the bump, so that's all had to be shelved for the time being (also, have you ever tried to stitch whilst sitting on an exercise ball? I don't recommend it!). I have an almost-finished birthday commission to put the last touches to, but I'm in a bit of a quandry as to how to complete it. Time to speak to the person whose idea it was, I think!

I'm really tempted to take part in the Stitch Yourself Event that Stitch London/Science Museum are running - given that the closing date is around the time I'm due I'm thinking a very very very pregnant amigurumi me might have to be made. That's eight weeks off. EIGHT WEEKS!!!!

And of course there's Little Bump's cardigan to be getting on with (and the washing and ironing of all the other clothes). Ho hum...


Chrissy (Cat Swap) said...

I added the link to the comments even though it's just a little taster :) Can't wait to see what's inside!

I think I'm going to take part in the 'stitch yourself' too, it sounds fun :D

Felinedream said...

Thank you so much for our parcels, they are fantastic. I'm hoping to blog about them tonight at some point.