Monday 14 December 2009

There's always time for amigurumi...

Seventeen days left of the year...I can squeeze a few more bits and pieces in, I'm sure! Last year I made 19 amis; I didn't think I'd made anywhere near that many this year but sure enough, here are 14 and 15 - a last minute request for Creepy Cutes from a friend as gifts. I have another completed and one more on the hook at the moment (with another "please mummy, can I have one too!!! planned) but I can't show you those yet! I may not break last year's record but it's certainly come close.


Corporate Zombie

I haven't attempted these before and had to go way back to the orginal threads on Craftster to make sense of the hair. To be honest, I didn't follow the instructions for the zombie because I don't think I made enough hair to do it that way, but I think he's come out fine. Now to get them packaged and off to their recipents so I can get back to the bauble swap!

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