Sunday 29 November 2009

Why I've been quiet lately...

New Baby Wood at 10+5 wks

Yup. Not much crafting going on because I'm so knackered...I don't get sick in the early weeks but boy howdy, now it's really kicked in. So all I'm really doing is slowly dragging my way through custom orders on the nights I have the energy to do so, and thinking vaguely about things like Secret Santa and the Craft Neutral Bauble Swap:

...both of which I optimistically signed up for before the tiredness kicked in! Still, I've been lucky enough to draw Ali from Craft Matters for the bauble swap, who I know is a kind and forgiving lady ;-) so with any luck it will all work out ok, particularly as I already know what I want to make for that.

Be prepared for lots of new baby stuff in the New Year, though - hopefully!!


Vonnie said...

Congratulations my lovely! Ahhhhhh how nice :)

TCN said...

Ahhh congratulations!! :D