Wednesday 15 July 2009

Granny Square Swap - Sent

So here are some of the results of my part of the Granny Square Swap at Spans' Stichin! I know at least one of my swaps has been received now - the other's gone to the US so may still take some time; I hope writing about it won't spoil the surprise! These are all six inch squares.

This is what I sent to Shirley, a lady in the US who asked for soft pinks, blues and greens:

Standard Granny Square - I used the sugared-almond colours I use for my fairy cakes to make a little rainbow.

Tropical Spring Square - the pattern for this one can be found here courtesy of Melissa R Green. I used a pink/white/lavender varigated yarn.

Soft Flower-Square - the pattern for this one can be found here courtesy of Bev Qualheim.

This is what I sent out to Marie in Wales, who asked for bright colours (I do hope she meant that!):

Standard Granny Square - three yummy shades of purple for this one; not all that bright but I couldn't resist.

Tropical Spring Square - again, pattern here courtesy of Melissa R Green; I used a red/yellow/pink/blue/green varigated yarn.

Sunshine In The Window Square - this is my own pattern specially made for this swap!

When I read Marie's request for "bright colours" I immediately thought of the bright yellow and orange I'd been using to make Mr Suns with and thought that might fit the bill of "bright colours". After I'd made the flower-square I thought it would be cool to have a sunshine in a square - it's often grey and depressing here and I loved the idea of being able to snuggle up in a blanket made of sunshines. One day I might get round to making an entire Afghan in this pattern; for now here's the very first square.

Like this pattern? You can download it for free here and from the sidebar whenever you like - please acknowledge my work if you use it and let me know how it comes out! If you really like it I'd love you to make a donation to ICAN, the childrens' communication charity here, who I'm currently raising funds for.

I hope everyone liked the squares I sent out - I got one of mine today too, which is coming up in the next post!


Hannah said...

Your squares are lovely! I really like your Sunshine In The Window Square pattern, I may have to have a go! :) Thanks for taking part xxx

Caroline said...

Oh, please do - I'd love to hear how it comes out! :) Thanks so much for organising, I had loads of fun. I forsee many more swaps in my future thanks to you! :D