Sunday 8 February 2009

Oh god

I've just asked for an invite to Ravelry. Shoot me now. Scarlett_demon (and by extension, Ali), you are in trouble!

I'm kind of having a hard time keeping on top of everything at the moment. The pre-Christmas shop rush burnt me out to some degree and there's definitely a part of me thinking "if I never make another crochet cake again it'll be too soon". Nevertheless, they are big sellers so I'm still hacking away at them, trying to stick to doing at least an hour's Etsy work a night before the lure of my own projects gets too much. I suppose this is what happens when your craft becomes your work as well - distractions abound! I suppose Ravelry will give me a chance to get a bit more organised with the yarn side of things, at least.

Sewing-wise I've slipped back into cross stitch a little bit - I've had a lot of books on the go recently and since K won't lend me her robot bookmark, I decided I'd better stitch up the one I was given for Christmas a few years ago. It's a medieval garden design, very pretty...I'd forgotten just how slow stitching is, though, crochet is so damn fast. I watched two of the Six Nations matches on Saturday and got a stripey cashmerino hat for a delightful young chap almost finished in that time - I just need to check the fit before I put the earflaps on.

Speaking of hats, I finally got a snap of K in her chocolate-and-china-blue-rose hat today - will put it up tomorrow.

We did some "big craft" this week - blank t-shirts and fabric dyes gave us hours of fun tie-dying and dip-dying. K now has a blue t-shirt with a set of pink concentric circles, and I have a white long-sleeved blue-dipped one which looks quite ocean-like to me...I think I'm going to applique or draw on little fish and lots of sequins, just for fun. We have red dye and fabric pens to play with, too.

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