Sunday 15 February 2009

* Cake Day 4: Chocolate Marmalade Cake *

This is one of my favourite "melted" cakes to make; it's really quick, deeply satisfying, grown-up enough to appeal to most people and still a hit with kids too. And let's face it, anything that uses an entire bar of Green & Black's Maya Gold is more than alright with me. I'm pretty sure this recipe
 may originally have been a Nigella Lawson.

You need a loose-bottomed tin and an oven preheated to 160oC.

You'll need:

125g butter
100g Green & Black's Maya Gold (orange spiced dark chocolate, if you don't get G&B in your country)
300g marmalade
150g brown sugar
2 eggs
150g plain flour
1tsp baking powder

Melt the butter, chocolate and marmalade together. Keep it on a low heat as you don't want to curdle your eggs later. Add your flour, sugar and baking powder to a bowl, and beat the eggs separately. Once your chocolate mix is ready and cooled slightly, slowly add about half to the dry mix, stirring gently. Then slowly add the eggs, mix gently and then slowly add the rest of the chocolate mix until it all comes together. Then bake for around 1.5hrs - I usually test it at an hour and then 20mins later until it's cooked through. Again, wrap in foil asap to keep the moisture in if you're not going to serve immediately. Fudge sauce is good with this. I've just topped it with a scant 50g 70% G&B's to make it extra-evil.

Don't forget to lick the bowl out - very important!
Tomorrow: Spiced Strawberry Cake!

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