Thursday 15 January 2009

Photo tag

Gee, thanks Ann-Marie...I was about to go to bed when I spotted this photo tag! Couldn't resist it, though; my photos aren't in one general directory but scattered through various subject areas so I was curious as to what would come out and couldn't just leave it. As it happens my craftwork directory is the first one with any pictures at all in it, so I took the fourth folder (jewellery) and fourth picture from that.

I don't really know anyone else to tag - AM has poached everyone I know! :D but here are the rules if you'd like to have a go (please drop me a comment if you do!):

1. Take your fourth picture folder

2. Fourth picture–no exceptions!

3. Post it, and tell about it.

4. Tag four more people

Here's my pic:

Not a great photo as this is pre-Ixus and pre any knowledge about lighting whatsoever. This is a necklace I made on commission for a lady who was in my birth club on a parenting board about three years ago. In fact I think it may even have been a present for her mother in law, I forget now. I like the Deco sort of style of the wirework; the beads are much redder in reality than this, though.

I made a crochet cloud like this tonight! It's much too small for what I need but I've never made anything in that particular way before, it was intriguing and I should be able to make up a much bigger pattern with a number of tweaks in the shape to get what I want. I'm so grateful when people share their patterns online, I learn such a lot from it. Sadly all my energy is going into stuff I can sell at the moment but one day my poor lonely daffodil will not be the only freebie pattern here!

I also bought a great Sun and Star pattern from Homemade Zen on Etsy, mostly because it was so goddamn cute but also because I was curious to see if the way the sun rays and star points were made in the same way I'd made my Princess hats a while back. Whaddya know, I did quite well for a noob amigurumi maker! So I'm confident I can make my own big sun pattern now, and the Zen sunshines I think are going to turn out to be neat little gifts. I don't have a load of time but these are really sweet and easy to whip up when someone needs a cheering up. I have my first candidate in mind already.

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Ann-Marie Dewhurst said...

Gorgeous necklace xxxx Sorry for nabbing everyone lol xx