Monday 23 June 2008

The Big Reveal

Well, not that big a reveal really, but those birthday amigurumi found their home on Saturday, so I can finally put them up here!

Here is Cthulhu - the entire reason I bought Creepy Cute Crochet in the first place:


And here is the birthday boy himself, Neil, who was our DM in chief back in the day. He is holding a little dice bag (in which there are a number of faceted beads very like D20s) and a book with an Elder Sign on it (because I couldn't fit the word Necronomicon on it!). It's not quite the finished version - I had to put more hair on and tie it back, after a panicky conversation with a mutual friend in which I realised I didn' t have a recent photo, but you get the idea. Got to love the internet...N lives no more than 40mins drive from me, but I had to get the up to date photo from a friend in New Zealand!

Another little fellow who slipped off my hook last night is this fuzzy blue alien dude:

Made from Sirdar Zanzibar - what a nightmare. But since I have another two balls in different colours, I've promised K a little family...why do I do this to myself!

Also finished is the purple shrug - it's LOVELY and I didn't have to adapt it at all! Pics to follow, along with the Lilac Princess and second Grim Reaper currently on the hook.

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