Monday 28 January 2008


Well, Reading Deprivation Week has got me knitting and crocheting, it seems - even though I've slipped a bit and been reading a little at bedtime. I ended up undoing all the knitting I'd done - doh, I wasn't moving the yarn to the right place when k1p1-ing, so it was all over the show. I've done a nice neat piece now and donated it to K as a blanket for her doll's house, she was very pleased. I did get a crochet hook on Sat and am in the middle of another blanket, sheesh. But I can cast on and do double crochet now, so am feeling confident about learning some new stitches later. I do think the hook/yarn combo I have isn't quite right, but I'll get there. There are some FAB hats for toddlers in one of my books so I want to get good enough to make K one for summer. Very exciting. Actually the main reason for learning these things is embellishment - I want to be able to make little flowers and such to go on bags and the like; there are some lovely crochet bags, too, but let's start small and use up scraps. I can see me getting cheesed off with the cost of a big project, wool is so expensive!

Last night I knitted an entire ball of wool into a scarf which is too short for even K - oops. And I can't get any more as it was picked up in a sale and I've lost the ball-band. Never mind. It will either fit a toy or be unravelled and used in a striped one if I can get a different colour to match it. Very soft and pleasant to work with, though.

In music news I've found somewhere to practice; my room at the community centre isn't normally used between my lessons so they've agreed I can bring my flute in as long as there's someone else on the premises (and presumably not when the vicar is in the vestry opposite working!). Very nice of them and eases my frustration considerably. See? If You Don't Ask, You Don't Get.

Now, Universe, a lottery win please.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck with your knitting and crocheting, I haven't really the patience for them to be honest. Happy flute playing! I passed on an award to you on my blog.